Jesse Juche James

Imperialism is OBSOLETE

Jesse Juche James

This is our planet, our everything, all humans are equal. USA is ruining our children's futures.

Weak leadership of the self interest before collective good of humanity is destroying earth. Central Banks Crush Our Economies To Steer Global Elite Agendas

Profit reigns supreme and those with the most capital control the direction of public policy via lobbying efforts that equate to legalized bribery with due process which means tax exempt donations to public offices officials campaign funding anything everything all influence is cultivated

(Trump is a strong cheerleader reciting well written speeches and non-stop hyperbole e.g. tremendous , wonderful, great, the best, the biggest, #1 hahaha #1 LOSER # #1. MOST OBESE NATION  from way too comfortable, ignorant, evil in some cases, and most often self-interest based public policy.

Example #1 The USA more specifically the pentagon is way above and beyond private sector technology companies the general public believes to be "so advanced" are in fact 5+ years behind  government military agencies technology research and development milestones.