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Climate Change

Climate Change

Jesse James

The world we live in today is more connected and divided than ever. Political forces from right-wing, left-wing, and everything in between spin different narratives on reality. Each narrative is crafted to be conducive to their voter blocks confirmation biases that are well defined and propagated deep into society at large.  

Confirmation bias

Confirmation bias is the tendency to search for, interpret, favour, and recall information in a way that confirms or supports one's prior beliefs or values.

The narratives are well defined because of lobbying efforts by the world's most powerful people. The right-wing Fox news watching population will recite Tucker Carlson's bought and paid for narratives like "climate change isn't real! There are cycles of weather patterns.".

Donald Trump will stand in front of a crowd at a rally and say climate change isn't real and fracking oil and gas is totally safe.

Mr. Trump will then be sitting in a NATO meeting where reality must take precedence to political posturing while America's top military officers plan and budget for rising sea levels due to climate change. If climate change is fake why does the pentagon need to allocate personnel and resources to mitigate risk from rising sea levels due to climate change?

If politicians lead society based solely on saying and doing whatever will win them the most votes to secure short-term power for their personal career aspirations humanity is headed off a cliff to our total demise. Leadership is about more than simply a popularity contest.