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Jesse James

Right-wing American politics is now littered with conspiracy theories. From pizzagate to adrenochrome and many more wildly outlandish ideas that tens of millions of Americans subscribe to.

The adrenochrome conspiracy about celebrities and the shadowy elite who supposedly siphoned off children's blood to stay young and healthy is probably derived from parabiosis. There is proven and measured evidence that when a young mouse and an old mouse are surgically attached to each other and share a blood supply the old mouse enjoys the benefits of the young mouse's mental and physical capabilities. Parabiosis is touted as the fountain of youth a genuine method of stopping and perhaps even reversing the ageing process we all know and dread.

The Dark Virality of a Hollywood Blood-Harvesting Conspiracy
A centuries-old anti-Semitic myth is spreading freely on far-right corners of social media—suggesting a new digital Dark Age has arrived.

The incredible discovery of parabiosis has led ignorant people who don't understand science and technology to conclude that celebrities and powerful people must be kidnapping children to source fresh blood to stay young like vampires.

When this breakthrough was discovered people of means like Paypal founder Peter Thiel paid healthy young adults to be their "blood boy" and while the technology has evolved to using plasma and no longer requires direct blood to blood sharing conspiracy theories among the ignorant population exploded.

Here is a clip from the popular HBO series Silicon Valley portraying the trend among the people in the know of means to use this cost-prohibitive technology for themselves.

I work at a senior living community and because we are a high-risk site for vulnerable people enforcing proper covid-19 protocols are life and death for our residents. We had to fire our former leisure coordinator because she refused to be vaccinated because she believes the pandemic is a fake government conspiracy.

Our former leisure coordinator at our senior living community is from Georgia state USA and a die-hard Trump supporter. She believes Trump won the 2020 election, that the pandemic is fake and that Hillary Clinton is involved in child sex trafficking rings selling children on Wal-Marts website as $5000 pairs of crocs to name a few.

PolitiFact - There’s no evidence Walmart is selling kidnapped children on its website
The conspiracy theories that once surrounded online furniture retailer Wayfair have latched onto a new target: Walmart. /> <meta name=

The majority of the population is ignorant and believes whatever those around them believe. They see a headline here, hear their uncle or dad or brother or whoever say this or that. The sum of all these subjective opinions adds up to their die-hard beliefs and anyone who discounts their theory must be evil and an enemy.

Social media platforms have connected the world in a new unprecedented way. This connectivity enables humanity to rapidly share and spread thoughts, stories, and ideas the world over. Governments of the world are trying their best to control the spread of misinformation and failing so they blame social media.  Why admit you are incapable of leading your constituency be that municipal, state or federal accepting blame for the failure of leadership is political suicide so who's the scapegoat?

America is rotting from the inside out and they will never recover from this downward spiral. Goodbye America, hope it was fun while it lasted!